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Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the Global South: Understanding Divergences and Commonalities

The International Spectator is pleased to announce its latest podcast dedicated to the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and the perceptions stemming from the countries of the ‘Global South’. It is based on the Webinar that took place on 14 December 2023, aimed at giving selected speakers and the public a fruitful occasion to discuss about the new trends occurring in the global nuclear order, with a special focus on the more recent stance of some actors from the Global South.

If you are interested in nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, be sure not to miss it!

Leo Goretti and Daniela Huber, Editors of The International Spectator, open the Webinar introducing the Special Issue alongside Manuel Herrera, Research Fellow at the International Affairs Institute and Guest Editor of the Issue. He then chairs the Panel Discussion among Tanvi Kulkarni (Policy Fellow, Asia-Pacific Leadership Network), Vicente Garrido Rebolledo (Director of the Security and Defense Chair "Francisco Villamartín” of the Rey Juan Carlos University) and Jasmine Auda (Co-founder and COO of Ambit Advisory). Then, the Q&A session follows.

Within this context, The International Spectator, the peer-reviewed journal of IAI, presents its Issue (Volume 58, Issue 4/2023) whose Special Core “Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the Global South: Understanding Divergences and Commonalities” is edited by Manuel Herrera, Tanvi Kulkarni e Vicente Garrido.

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