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"Prospects and challenges of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI)"

Which prospects does the #CAI - Comprehensive Agreement on #Investment offer for China, the EU and the USA?


Professors Arlo Poletti, Lorenzo Zambernardi and Dirk De Bièvre guide us to unwrap and foresee the strenghts and the challenges of the Agreement in the arena of Global Governance.

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- Research Article available here:


- Questions:

  • Could you give us some background about the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment? What is the ultimate goal for the parties involved?

  • Do you think EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) will have a positive impact on the EU's economic role as an international player? Which, in your opinion, have been the crucial factors that contributed at making the EU a pivotal international economic player?

  • Given the vast critique to the Agreement, which downfall could we forecast? And how could the EU face economic issues deriving from the CAI?

  • Could you elaborate on the political impact that the CAI will have for Beijing and Brussels? Are relations normalzing in a post-covid era?

  • How do you think the CAI can impact the EU’s transatlantic relationship, specifically with the current US government?

  • Overall, do you think that the CAI can be considered a stepping-stone for a new multilateral investment regime?


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