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Sport and International Relations between Fragmentation and Contestation


What is the relation between Sport and Politics?

Is contestation the “the dark side” of the relationship between sport & International Relations?

How is football related to diplomacy and soft power?

These are few of the topics and questions raised by experts in the fields of Sport and International Relations during the Webinar hosted by The International Spectator on June 20th, 2023. The event aimed at giving selected speakers and the public a fruitful occasion to discuss about the relationship between sport and International Relations in an increasingly fragmented world.

Within this context, The International Spectator, the peer-reviewed journal of IAI, presents its Issue (June 2023) and the Special Core “Olympic Diplomacy as Contestation: The Legacy of the Beijing Olympics”.

The guests are Leo Goretti, Daniela Huber, Nicola Sbetti, Emidio Diodato, Veronica Strina, Renè Wildangel, Jan Busse, and Francesco Belcastro.

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