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New Special Issue online in Full Open Access

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Issue 1\Volume 59, 2024

"Re-imagining EU Foreign and Security Policy in a Complex and Contested World"

Guest Editors: Riccardo Alcaro and Hylke Dijkstra

“The European Union (EU) increasingly formulates and implements foreign and security policy under the constraints of internal contestation, regional fragmentation and multipolar competition. While such contextual challenges can inhibit the EU from adopting an ambitious foreign and security policy, this Special Issue shows that the EU and its member states have developed ways of mitigating their impact…”

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Find the Table of Contents below for your convenience:


Riccardo Alcaro & Hylke Dijkstra

Research Articles

Pol Bargués, Assem Dandashly, Hylke Dijkstra & Gergana Noutcheva

Kristi Raik, Steven Blockmans, Anna Osypchuk & Anton Suslov

Sinem Akgül-Açıkmeşe & Soli Özel

Caterina Bedin, Tiffany Guendouz & Agnès Levallois

Riccardo Alcaro

Francesca Caruso & Jesutimilehin O. Akamo

Anna Ayuso, Tiziano Breda, Elsa Lilja Gunnarsdottir & Marianne Riddervold

Zachary Paikin

Book Reviews

Tommaso Milani

Nazir Ahmad Mir

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