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The International Spectator will be at PEC 2023!

5-9 September 2023, Potsdam


The International Spectator publishes, on behalf of the Istituto Affari Internazionali, peer-reviewed research on international affairs, including international politics, economics, climate and energy, global migration and development.

As stated in our editorial, we aim to continue to work successfully towards the International Spectator's fundamental aim of enabling participation “in the debate on international politics” among “scholars and politicians of all countries”, holding true to its founders’ vision. We are committed to constantly improve the quality of our published content, but also to further widening participation, diversity and debate.

So, in line with our values and goals, we could not miss such a stimulating and thought-provoking occasion as the PEC 2023, a pan-European conference on International Relations sponsored by the European International Studies Association (EISA).

We will attend the 16th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, and we will be there on 5-9 September 2023 at the University of Potsdam, Germany.

We look forward to meet fellow editors and scholars and bring our contribution to the debate and the cause.

Let's keep in touch!

In order to reserve an in-person appointment with our Editors, please contact the Editorial Team at


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